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Northern Texas including the Panhandle and Permian Basin / Oklahoma / Arkansas

Specified Utility Associates is a manufacturers’ rep agency serving the underground utilities market in Northern Texas including the Panhandle and Permian Basin / Oklahoma / Arkansas.


Diamond Plastics Corporation

Manufacturer of PVC gasketed pipe 4”-60”

Priority Wire & Cable

Manufacturer of specialty wire and cable products

Val-Matic (Oklahoma)

Quality Valves for Municipal and Industrial Applications

Cascade Waterworks Mfg.

Cascade Manufacturing manufacturers custom sized stainless steel casing spacers. Also your first choice for tapping sleeves, repair clamps, saddles, couplings and pipe stiffeners.

3M Locating & Marking

3M EMS markers used for water and sewer pipe location are color-coded to APWA standards for visual reference and water utilities have their own frequency to reduce location errors.

Proco Products (Oklahoma and Arkansas)

Proco Products, Inc. has been supplying water and wastewater treatment plants with cost-effective, durable rubber check valves for decades.


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